Created Nov 25, 2014

Nate Bowey

stop mass gassing kids more

When at lincoln hills school,perceived out of control teens were regularily gassed by a mob of grown men. The gas was the mans way of dealing with us and we got our daily fix.

These men usually sprayed these young men when they were already stuck in there concrete block cell.

Even if they were trying to spray one kid,the place had the type of ventilation youd expect in prison.

The chemicals would creep thru the vents and would singe our hair and burn our had to cover your mouth with a blanket to breathe. I survived,but am curious on the long term effects of overexposure to gas chemicals

Post ferguson,id say we have thr right too know how these products are being used on our children.

I am bringing this up now,in part due to what has beem going on lately,what happened to me,and what i believe still may be happening today.

Things dont change too much.ask mike brown!!

I called the security director(bruce sunday @715 536 8386

I asked a simple you use pepper spray at your school.

He did not want to even admit they used it at all. He kept asking if i worked for the state.He finally stated that it was allowed per their legal administrative code.This isnt exactly what i asked and his response(tone)made me fear the worse.

Lets stop mass gassing our kids.give bruce a call:)


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